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Alpaca Fur animal - 6"

The softest, most luxurious little friend. Made from 100% ethically harvested , silky smooth all-natural baby alpaca fur. Each one is handmade by independent Peruvian artisans who have made this skill their life's work.

Hypoallergenic, non-itchy, natural dyes.

Real and ethical fur. No animal cruelty is involved. 

Hand-stitched mouth and nose with plastic eyes. It is a great addition to your home office, mantle or kids room.

Hypoallergenic, silky smooth, water and stain resistant.

Care: Do not put in the washing machine or dryer. Y

Alpacas have two breeds known as Suri and Huacaya. They are only different in terms of their fleece characteristics. Suri alpacas are very rare and have fleeces with lock structure that hang down on their body. The Huacayas have crimpy springy fiber which grows out and gives them a fluffy look. 

  • Size: 9"
  • Composition: 100% ethical, alpaca-friendly fur
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth and air dry, may brush gently
Alpaca Fur animal - 6"
Alpaca Fur animal - 6"
Alpaca Fur animal - 6"
Alpaca Fur animal - 6"
Alpaca Fur animal - 6"

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