If you’re in the market for sustainable children’s clothing Alberta, there’s no better place to get it than Gentle & Joyful. Founded by a local mom, we have made eco-friendly kids' clothing our passion, and we do it quite well! At Gentle & Joyful, you’ll find all sorts of ethically created styles for your little ones. Need more convincing? In today’s post, we’ll go over just a few reasons why you should shop with us. Read on to learn more and shop now!

100% Organic Peruvian Pima Cotton

Our clothes are all made out of 100% organic Peruvian Pima cotton. This makes them feel soft and luxurious and also leaves them hypoallergenic. They will not irritate your little one’s skin and they will enjoy being dressed for a change. Check out some of our eco-friendly kid's clothing today!

High-End Clothing Company

We are a high-end clothing company, which means your kiddo will look and feel great in the sustainable children’s clothing you buy from us. Whether you have a little fashionista or a sensitive tag-puller, there’s something for everyone when you chop at Gentle & Joyful. Any kid would be happy to dress in what you buy here.

Long-Lasting Children's Clothes

What’s worse than kids' clothes that fall apart? Nothing! You work hard to give your kid the best so shouldn’t you make sure they are in fact getting the best? Our sustainable children’s clothing is built to last. Don’t worry about spending hours mending seams on the weekend anymore. Our clothing is made to stay together.


If you care about our planet and the people in it, you probably want to make sure you dress your child in clothes that are ethically created. At Gentle & Joyful, everything you purchase is sustainably sourced. Get cute clothes for your kid without any guilt!

Gentle & Joyful is passionate about creating sustainable children’s clothing and helping busy parents in Alberta get long-lasting, eco-friendly clothing for their kids. If you want to raise a little one to be environmentally conscious, we are a great place to start. Shop now!

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