As a parent, it can be difficult to find clothing for your child that not only fits well but also is made of high-quality, sustainable materials that are gentle and comfy for little ones with sensitive skin. Gentle & Joyful produces cute, eco-friendly kids' clothing with the highest quality of cotton—Pima cotton. While Pima cotton is considered the highest quality of cotton in the world, less than 10% of all cotton currently being used in production can be considered Pima. It’s only natural to want the best for your children, so why not provide them with sustainable Pima cotton kids' clothing? Check out these tips to keep your kids' Pima cotton clothing looking and feeling great for years to come or shop our collections online today!


Is Pima Cotton Machine Washable?

Many parents have a lot on their plate, from extra-curricular activities to maybe even balancing life with a new baby in the house. At Gentle & Joyful we wanted to create not only trendy baby clothes but also something that is easily cared for by parents. There are no special requirements or hand wash only items in our sustainable Pima cotton clothing line. They are designed to be machine washable with cold-warm water settings.

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Inside-Out With Like Colors

As with most clothing items, if you can wash your Pima cotton inside-out with like colors it will help extend the life of your sustainable Pima cotton clothing.

Naturally Elastic

While some shrinkage may occur when washing your kids’ clothing, all of our sustainable Pima cotton kids' clothing is naturally elastic to provide optimal comfort, so there will be a stretch!

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Long-Lasting Clothing

There is nothing more frustrating than fabric that pills or rips easily. At Gentle & Joyful we pride ourselves on providing parents with long-lasting clothing. All of our sustainable Pima cotton kids clothing is made in Peru, the heart of Pima cotton production, to ensure you are getting a 100% eco-friendly, responsibly-made, long-lasting Pima cotton product.

While we are a Canadian-based online children’s boutique, our goal is to give parents all over the world the opportunity to experience Pima cotton clothing for their little ones and live a more sustainable life. Our overseas orders take around seven to sixteen days to arrive at your doorstep. Feel the difference of Pima cotton. Shop our collection today!

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